Tarik Celik

Professional CSGO Player

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Tarik started his career at an early age in middle school competing online in various leagues such as CAL. Growing up in a Turkish-American household in NYC, becoming a professional Counter-Strike player wasn't an easy task.

In high school, he created a series of Counter-Strike deathmatch servers called the FragShack which became very popular, growing his recognition in the Counter-Strike community. Later on Tarik began streaming on Twitch under the alias 'NoShirtTV' which grew his notoriety in the CS community to be known as a sarcastic, humor-filled gamer with a very aggressive play-making gameplay.

His big break into professional esports was qualifying for the mlg 2015 LAN tournament with the "NetCodeGuides/mouseSpaz", to be the original CLG CS:GO team, during which he streamed the qualifier final whilst eating cereal in a makeshift walk-in closet gaming room.

Since then Tarik has become a North American and global icon in the Counter-Strike community, competing in over four top tier teams and bringing NA its first Major Championship as IGL while being crowned tournament MVP.

Career Achievements